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Designing Cultural Experiences

December 2022


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Spotify Design Team

At Spotify, a key goal is to make experiences relevant for people using our products – part of that means finding ways to celebrate cultural moments that matter to you. Here, the team share some considerations that helped bring experiences to life in 2022.

What’s unique about designing for a cultural moment?

Nora Löf

Design Manager

It’s the importance of reflecting and celebrating culture in a respectful way with a lot of empathy. If you don’t have cultural expertise, you need to listen, research, and collaborate with people who do and let go of your own perception of the culture all together. If you skip that part of the process, the work will not be relevant to its audience and therefore not successful.

Tajha Myer

Senior UX Writer

Tone plays a unique role when designing a cultural moment. When designing for Diwali, it was vital to workshop with teams in India to fully understand the key themes and use these to shape the tone of voice, as well as establish terms that resonate most with our audience. I was then able to develop a tone of voice framework which shaped the narrative of the in-app Diwali experience and messaging.

Spencer Huddleston

Staff Designer

It’s so important to learn to de-westernize our perspective when designing for local culture. Doing so allows us to become better listeners and storytellers, which leads to a more relevant product experience for our users. As designers, we have the amazing responsibility of showing our users how important it is for us to celebrate key moments alongside them – how cool is that?!


Spotify Design Team

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