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  • Zoned 36

    Vibey energy tracks with rhythm. Curated by Senior Product Designer, Liz Abshire.

  • Rob Nero: Episode 1

    Rob used to spend his time capturing weddings from hot-air balloons. Now, he works as a senior designer at Soundtrap, a digital audio workstation.

  • Kamdyn Moore: Episode 2

    After the 2008 recession, architecture graduate Kamdyn went from installing $17,000 chandeliers in bathrooms to discovering her love for design operations, which she now leads at Spotify.

  • Lee Ward: Episode 3

    Spotify UX Writer Lee recounts his days as a music journalist, riding roller coasters with Muse and visiting Coldplay’s recording studio before he discovered his love for bringing storytelling to design.

  • Linnea Strid: Episode 4

    Linnea dives into her background as a fine art painter, the website she built as a kid for Japanese music fans to chat, and how she developed her love for problem solving through product design.

  • Ben Dedrick: Episode 5

    With a background in psychology, Ben worked as a case manager at a psychiatric ward straight out of college. Now, he’s a senior product designer at Spotify.

  • Zoned 35

    Come, friend, stay awhile on the isle of sweet sounds. Curated by Senior UX Writer, Lee Ward.

  • Zoned 34

    Lazing by the lake or the beach and dreaming through those sun shining days. Curated by Engineering Managers Shaun Bent & Tyce Clee.

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