Sep / 2019

DC Design Week: Designing Spotify for Artists

Washington DC , USA
DC Design Week: Designing Spotify for Artists

From album covers to music videos to fashion, music has long been a force for setting trends, creating culture, and defining design. Spotify has led the digital age of the record industry, setting the tone for how we visually interact with music today. In this panel, Senior Product Designer Adriana Rivas speaks about her role in the design team designing Spotify for Artists and how UX design helps creators find and grow their audiences. We’ll touch on how Adriana’s diverse background has brought her to her role today. 

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Adriana Rivas - Senior Product Designer for Spotify for Artists

Adriana grew up in the lush jungles of Costa Rica but exchanged the green for the baroque when she left to study Industrial Design in Italy. Adri’s career has taken her across Latin America, Europe and the USA working in a series of roles like industrial, interaction, UX, and service design. She spent the beginning of her career designing sustainable products at a design consultancy in Torino, Italy where she lead a Madrid-based e-learning client. Today, she lives in the jungle that is NY where she spent the first 5 years in designing at agencies working high profile products like Nike+ Running for Nike. Today, as a Senior Product Designer at Spotify she focuses on making tools for artists. In the last 4 years, she has seen the Creator team grow from 40 to 500 people, and the platform grow from a Beta idea all the way to an essential part of an artist’s career. Adriana is a passionate advocate for D&I and is always looking for opportunities to help the underdog shine. She’s always had an ear for music, making it isn’t part of her daily life anymore but she finds it extremely rewarding to be close to it every day and solve problems for those creating it.

The panel also includes the Maryland-based artist Shalom Dubas, where she’ll share her unique perspective as a user of Spotify for Artists, and what tools she uses to help her build her audience. The event’s Partner is a nonprofit called Women in Music, the DC chapter was established in 2015 and is dedicated to fostering equality in the music industry through the support and advancement of women. Providing knowledge, strategy & solutions to our members and the greater community is our driving purpose. Learn more about Women in Music here.