Oct / 2019

Grace Hopper Celebration: Ethical Design workshop

Florida , USA
Grace Hopper Celebration: Ethical Design workshop

Lu Han and Sara Aboulafia presented their Ethical Design workshop to the Grace Hopper Celebration on October 2nd, 2019.

In this workshop, They introduce the concept of ethical product design. Using our framework, they help participants anticipate when business-driven product decisions could harm users, and learn how to better include people at the margins. Participants dive into a hands-on exercise that challenges them to use an ethical lens to improve upon the design and accessibility of a real-world app.

Sara Aboulafia is a UX Writer at Spotify focused on integrating intuitive content and information architecture into the design process. Her early and active interest in ethics was cemented at Smith College, where she studied American Studies and social/political philosophy.

Lu Han is a current Product Manager and former UX Designer at Spotify. Before joining the company, she studied economics at the University of California, Berkeley. News of tech’s complicit role in recent scandals like Cambridge Analytica inspired her to start the Ethics Guild at Spotify, where people across teams get together to change products and processes for the better.