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Ashley Moody, Product Designer II

August 2022


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Spotify Design Team

To showcase our band members, every now and then we put a Spotifier in the limelight. Today's headliner is Ashley Moody (she/her), Product Designer II for Ad Performance Platform in New York. Put on your headphones, hit play, and read along!

Questions & Answers

Why are you a designer?

I’m a designer because I enjoy a challenge — especially challenges based on real-world human experiences. Being able to create something that makes someone feel more visible as a human in a digital experience keeps me motivated.

Describe your job at Spotify without using the words "design" or "designer".

When they think of ads, most people feel overwhelmed, interrupted, or annoyed. I try to smooth out the friction by making ads at Spotify feel easy, harmonious, and non-disruptive.

What would your self-portrait look like?

Who would you like to collaborate with and what would you make together?

My friends! I’ve been lucky to have met so many talented people of all creative disciplines from around the world and even luckier to call them friends. I’d love to work on some super mega project with all of them. A multi-faceted campaign that would highlight all the talents and cultures: fashion design, print design, music, video, and experiential design across multiple continents. Yuri Ogita (@coloured_publishing), Mathilde Terrasse (@openneverempty), Kristian Henson (@kristian_henson), John Sampson (@john.sampson), Nicole Killian (@___nico___fontana___, Chino Amobi (@chinoamobi).

Tell us about a detour you took on your route into design.

I went to school for graphic design and went through a program that allowed for experimentation and exploration of the limits of design, like design as sculpture and performance art. I thought I was going to continue down that path until I stumbled upon a UX internship before I graduated, and five years later…

What's one piece of design wisdom you would give to your younger self?

Stop trying to figure out what “good design” is.

Show us your happy place – somewhere you go to recharge your creative battery – and choose a soundtrack to go with it. Why here?

Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Soundtrack: TV On The Radio – Staring at the Sun

It’s scientifically proven that staring at the ocean alters our brainwave frequencies and puts us in a more meditative and creative space. Going to the beach for sunrise is a special routine for me to reset.

What are you excited about right now?

The future designers! I was lucky enough to volunteer as a mentor in a program that empowers kids to learn tech skills to make meaningful change. It’s so exciting to see middle schoolers learning things I didn’t learn until I graduated college.


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