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Designing Playlist Artwork

April 2021


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Spotify Design Team

3x3 is the micro-interview series where Spotify’s Design Community shares what’s top of mind for them. This month, our Editorial Design team gives us a glimpse of their process for creating artwork that connects Spotify customers with content they’ll love.

How does the Editorial Design team ensure the best possible artwork experience?

Kali Abdullah

Senior Art Buyer

From a photo and imagery perspective we strive to collaborate with creatives around the world to bring high-quality, diverse, and localized imagery to the Spotify platform. Our mission is to promote familiarity and representation in hopes that it is relatable and enhances the customer interaction and users experience.

Tina Snow Le

Design Manager

Spotify is visual, and artwork is the entry point that connects users to content they love. Whether you’re into Turkish hip-hop, or a parent playing Baby Shark on repeat 3 days in a row, we want to provide the best experience possible. In addition to playlist branding, we collaborate with cross-functional product teams to elevate user experiences across our products to help make Spotify more engaging, accessible and relevant.

Shahin Haghjou

Senior Art Director

Stay true to the culture you’re dealing with, the artwork should feel authentic and respectful to the genre and its fans. Make sure that the artwork works both on- and off-platform, it needs to be clear both in small or large formats and feel consistent throughout the user journey whether you first see it on- or off-platform. Finally, be wary of trends, let them inform you of what people are into and what the landscape looks like, but seek your inspiration in historical contexts.


Spotify Design Team

We're a cross-disciplinary team of people who love to create great experiences and make meaningful connections between listeners and creators.

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