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  • Zoned 41

    Lost musical gems from across the globe that graced the dance floors of yesterday. Curated by UX Writer Laura Lopez.

  • Zoned 40

    Songs for late nights in late summer, spanning geographies and genres. Curated by Product Designer Cecilia Falcão Bodin de Moraes.

  • Zoned 35

    Come, friend, stay awhile on the isle of sweet sounds. Curated by Senior UX Writer, Lee Ward.

  • Zoned 25

    Good vibes to put you in an instant groove. Curated by Product Designer, Kavita Chepovetsky.

  • Zoned 22

    A classic mixtape style with indie, electronic and soul. Curated by Principal Designer, Heiko Winter.

  • Zoned 20

    Soulful indie-pop and R&B sounds for your city-wandering pursuit. Curated by Product Designer, Mel Wong.

  • Zoned 19

    Butterfly playlist for a champagne pink velvet dream. Curated by Product Designer, Clara Shim.

  • Zoned 14

    Past and future hip-hop, R&B, soul, world excellence. Curated by Design Director, Sean Ritzie.

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