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Work From Home

June 2020


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Spotify Design Team

Every month we choose 3 Spotify designers and get on their wavelength. They get 3(ish) sentences to share their thoughts ranging from goings-on in design and tech, perspective on user experience challenges, to hot button topics for them right now.

What tips can you share after working from home for 90+ days?

Janine Saunders

Senior UX Writer

Casual crit and feedback—without someone's shoulder to tap on, it's easy to lose sight of how important an informal and quick bit of feedback is.

Work-in-progress docs to keep track of new changes and why decisions were made. A savior for when the days feel like they're all mushed together.

An after work routine is just as important as a morning routine. Know when to close your laptop, schedule in a walk, chat with a friend—something bright to sunset the workday.

Becky Hirsch

Senior UX Writer

Keep a mindless tasks list – don’t pretend you’re going to do meaningful work during tiny gaps between zooms. Knock off a mindless task instead!

You did more than you think you did – write down everything you did at the end of the day and revel in your at-home productivity.

It feels nice to scream-sing LA LA LALA LA LAAA once in a while (try also: DAA DADAADA DAA).

Will Hansen

UX Writer

[control] what you can.

[command] Q when you need to.

[esc] and [return].


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