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  • Wrapped Surprises

    In this 3x3, Spotify Designers share the things that surprised them most about their Spotify Wrapped this year.

  • Creative Energy

    In honor of Wellness Week, three Spotify Designers share (in three sentences) how they recharge their creative battery.

  • Accessibility in Design

    Designers share a snapshot of the ways they factor accessibility into their design process.

  • Design Superpowers

    In this month's 3x3, our community reveals the talents and traits that make them great designers.

  • Designing for Localization

    This month, 3 designers tell us (in 3-ish sentences) how they design for local audiences.

  • Designers in the Making

    This 3x3, Spotify Designers reflect on the childhood pastimes that signalled a future working in a creative field.

  • Design Advice

    In this month's instalment of 3x3, we're learning about the wise words that have guided three Spotify Designers' throughout their careers.

  • Designing Ad Experiences

    This month three Spotify Designers responsible for creating the ad experience for listeners share their approach.

  • Designing Playlist Artwork

    Every month, 3 Spotify Designers share their thoughts on a subject close to their hearts. To keep things concise, they get just 3 sentences to answer.

  • Designing for Podcasters

    This month, three Product Designers tell us about the considerations they need to make when creating for podcasters.

  • Personalized Playlists

    What makes a great personalized playlist? Three Product Designers responsible for crafting Spotify's listening experience share their thoughts.

  • Design Resolutions

    In January's 3x3, we chat better work and design practices for 2021. Find out what design resolutions Spotify Designers are making this new year.

  • Engineering and Design

    Engineers occupy a unique role within a design organization. Here, 3 engineers explain how they see it.

  • Designing for Voice

    How is creating a voice user interface different from other design work? 3 Spotify Product Designers break it down (in 3 short sentences).

  • Collaboration

    In 3x3 this month, we ask Spotify Product Designers to share their techniques for maintaining collaboration at every stage of a project.

  • Recent Lessons

    In this 3x3, we’re talking to Product Designers about what they’ve learned this year and how it’s changed their approach to work.

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