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  • Designing Cultural Experiences

    Three Spotifiers reflect on the nuances of designing cultural moments at Spotify.

  • Keeping Up

    How do you continue to improve your design craft? In this 3x3, three Spotifiers share their thoughts on keeping up in an ever-changing industry.

  • Leadership Skills

    Three design leads share a slice of wisdom on heading up their teams at Spotify.

  • Designing for Businesses

    In this month’s 3x3, we hear from three Spotifers on how they craft brilliant B2B experiences.

  • Healthy Boundaries

    Take cues from three smart Spotifiers who tell us how they set boundaries to allow their creativity to flourish.

  • Meaningful Meetings

    Three designers talk us through the need-to-know tips for running a great meeting. TDLR: a little planning goes a long way.

  • Finding a Design Ally

    If you've ever needed a design ally, this is for you. Three designers, in three different roles, share their thoughts on finding allies at work.

  • Unexpected Skills

    What unexpected skills come into play in your day-to-day? Here, three designers share the surprising things that help them excel in design.

  • Getting Settled

    Here, Spotify Designers share their advice for getting settled in a new team or role.

  • Design Mentors

    Find out what qualities designers at Spotify believe make for a great mentor.

  • Jam Sessions

    Find out Spotify Design Ops folks' top tips for a successful jam session.

  • Mastering Skills

    This 3x3, designers share the skills they'd like to master this year.

  • Wrapped Surprises

    In this 3x3, Spotify Designers share the things that surprised them most about their Spotify Wrapped this year.

  • Creative Energy

    In honor of Wellness Week, three Spotify Designers share (in three sentences) how they recharge their creative battery.

  • Accessibility in Design

    Designers share a snapshot of the ways they factor accessibility into their design process.

  • Design Superpowers

    In this month's 3x3, our community reveals the talents and traits that make them great designers.

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