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Accessibility in Design

October 2021


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Spotify Design Team

Designers at Spotify always keep a close eye on the accessibility of the products they help build. In 3x3 this month, we asked three designers to share the techniques they use to embed accessibility into their process.

How do you factor accessibility into your design process?

Reema Bhagat

Senior Product Designer

Accessibility specs! Including keyboarding and screen reader details within a design spec has helped solidify that accessibility is part of the experience, rather than something we’ll add retroactively. Also, testing out features with product and engineering before they’re released helps ensure that quality and accessibility are shared responsibilities on the team.

Alexandria Goree

Senior Product Designer

It starts with understanding the users and approaching the process with an inclusive design mindset because the goal is to create the best experience for everyone. In addition to referring to accessibility guidelines, sharing designs with many different perspectives for feedback helps ensure we don’t limit our thinking to our own experiences.

David Fusilier

Associate Principal Product Designer

It’s incredibly important to start thinking about inclusion and accessibility early on, as a part of the design discovery process. 

Orienting design directions around an inclusive understanding of peoples’ needs ensures the things we make don’t feel compromised or retrofitted by the time they ship – and most importantly, they can be appreciated and used by everyone.


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