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October 2020


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Spotify Design Team

Every month, we choose 3 Spotify designers to share pearls of wisdom on subjects close to their hearts and minds. To keep things concise, they get just 3 sentences to answer.

How do you maintain collaboration at every stage of a project?

Kajsa Ailm

Junior Product Designer

Working from home makes it harder to have those quick spontaneous interactions with your team, so personally, I find maintaining good communication super important. Something that works for me is to schedule quick syncs regularly to discuss the project’s progress or potential changes. The key is really to involve and engage your team for a more collaborative experience!

Ben Sifel

Art Director

For me, I find in collaboration the moments when we're not communicating just as important as when we are. I think part of this is trust in your collaborators and their expertise so that when you do sync together and set clear next steps, you know what the other person is bringing to the table and what their strengths are (and what you excel at as well).

Marianne Guillen

Design Platform Lead

Doubling down on basic project setup and removing ambiguity helps remote work. Once the goals are clear, pairing seems to be a great tool to ensure collaboration. It's an engineering concept but can be easily applied to design and prevents team members from feeling isolated.


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