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Creative Energy

November 2021


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Spotify Design Team

At the start of the month, Spotifiers took a beat to focus on wellness. Wellness Week gave everyone the chance to reflect and recharge. So, as they return to work re-energized, we were curious to learn what Spotify Designers do to unwind.

What do you do to recharge your creative battery?

Elsa Chiao

Senior Art Director

In the past couple of years, nature has been the charger of my creative battery. I love hiking in the woods and discovering beautiful and unexpected details in nature. It is also a great way to take a break from all the screen time.

Natalie Patrice Tucker

Senior Accessibility Lead

I read sci-fi novels to transport myself to another dimension and reimagine ordinary life. Gives me a new perspective and when I come back to whatever is happening, things feel more manageable.

Ellie Friedman

Brand Designer

This fall, I’ve been planning art nights with my family and friends. We collage, paint, draw, etc. It’s nice to get off our screens and make art free of constraints. I also enjoy taking my dog on long walks : )


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