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Design Mentors

March 2022


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Spotify Design Team

This 3x3 is dedicated to the design folks who’ve offered guidance and helped us grow. Three Spotify Designers shared the qualities that make a mentor great — all we asked is that their answer was kept to three short sentences. Here’s what they told us.

What qualities make for a great design mentor?

Ben Dedrick

Senior Product Designer

A great mentor knows the difference between directing and coaching. Designers need the space to explore, to struggle a little, and even to fail, all while still feeling guided and supported. If someone is just telling you what they think the best solution is, there’s no growth happening.

Mitul Iyengar

Product Designer

Thoughtful: Taking the time to discuss and question, rather than providing quick and direct answers. Self-aware: Being clear on the things you know and don’t know while being open to evolving your own point of view. Relatable: Putting yourself in your mentee’s shoes to reflect on and share experiences from your own life that might resonate.

Fabiano Souza

Senior Product Designer

A great design mentor can identify things that you are good at that you didn’t even know, and empower you to use them for big impact. They also know how to open the path for you to shine, as it’s always about letting you grow.


Spotify Design Team

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