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Design Superpowers

September 2021


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Spotify Design Team

This month, our designers are ducking into the 3x3 phone booth and emerging to reveal the superpowers they think shaped them as designers. As always with our 3x3s, we only have one requirement: keep it short and sweet.

What is your design superpower?

Leandro Velasco

Senior Product Designer

My design superpower is bringing playfulness and positive energy to everything I do. Lifting the moods and spirits of others is something I love to do and value. Setting the tone with good vibes not only encourages a more loose environment and attachment to our work but also brings in smiles and laughter to the team. Just have fun!

Sabrina Siu

Product Designer

My design superpower is building at the intersection of disciplines. What do I mean by that? I love innovating at the intersection of art and tech. I think the best products can be built by utilizing the constraints of the building blocks to make something even better.

David Karlsson

Art Director

I find curiosity plays a significant part in my design practice. Even if it has been mentioned countless times before, it's something I value deeply and a mindset I hope to maintain. For me, it's the act of continuously asking questions like "why?" and "what if?".


Spotify Design Team

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