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Designing for Localization

August 2021


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Spotify Design Team

Every month we choose 3 Spotify designers to share their wisdom on a topic we’ve been pondering. The only catch is that they only get 3 sentences to present their thoughts. This month, we're chatting localization.

How do you design for a global audience?

Juli Sombat

Associate Principal Product Designer

Our design system builds in flexibility by default. Layouts need enough space to adapt to all language translations, and we support RTL scripts.

Becky Hirsch

Senior UX Writer

If I make simple language my priority, I find I've done half the job. If I'm bending English, I'm breaking everything else.

Anjana Menon

Senior UX Writer
  1. It may look and sound good in English but remember that there are billions of people whose first language isn’t English

  2. Really understand who you design for through first-hand research, and not just guess things

  3. Look for inspiration in non-Western markets


Spotify Design Team

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