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Designing for Podcasters

March 2021


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Spotify Design Team

3x3 is the micro-interview series where Product Designers share knowledge, experience, and what’s top of mind for them right now. The only catch: they must keep their answer to three sentences or less. This month, the Podcaster team ins in the hot seat.

What considerations do you need to make when creating features for podcasters?

Rachel He

Associate Product Designer
  1. Creating content can be intimidating! Our job is to help creators feel encouraged to share their voice and be prepared to handle any speed bumps along the way.

  2. Working on podcasting tools means you’re not just “powering up” what creators can do, but also impacting the end experience for listeners. Thinking about the listening experience as the end product reminds me of what being a creator is all about.

  3. Podcasting isn’t just limited to speaking, which is what gives it so much potential. There’s so much creativity already being weaved into podcasting right now and thinking about where else it can go is where it all gets exciting.

Amelia Hintz

Senior Product Designer

Most importantly, we always ask ourselves, does whatever we are building put creators first? Meaning is it aligned with our users’ needs and representing their brand in the best way possible? Secondly, is the feature we are creating the most optimized version that will save our users time and simplify their workflow? Lastly, is the feature empowering our creators to grow their podcast audience and make a living if they desire to do so?

Kendra Ralston

UX Writer

How does what we create translate from Anchor to Spotify, and is it clear, informative, and motivating? We’re building across apps, which means our strategy, voice, and taxonomy has to translate into a cohesive experience.


Spotify Design Team

We're a cross-disciplinary team of people who love to create great experiences and make meaningful connections between listeners and creators.

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