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Finding a Design Ally

June 2022


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Spotify Design Team

This 3x3 goes out to all the people who show up as allies every day, and to the designers who shared how they find allies. We only had one ask of each designer: tell us what you know in only three sentences. Check out their pro tips.

How did you find a design ally when you needed one?

Kate Jung

Associate Product Designer

Identifying a shared goal is key when searching for design allies! I often joined design communities to ask for help on skills I was struggling to improve. Openly voicing this attracted others who shared the same goal and its challenges, and eventually formed the basis for an alliance.

Candice Roe

Senior UX Writer

My strongest allies have almost always been a result of vulnerability. When I need an ally, like when I’m the only woman or non-technical person in a meeting, I point it out to someone else there or I express gratitude when someone ensures my voice is heard. Typically, after a moment of vulnerability like that, those people have consistently been there for me and advocated for my ideas and work.

Jennifer Schmich

Senior Manager, UX Writing

The best way I've found an ally is by first being an ally. Taking time to ask other folks how I could be there for them, and taking time to help. Just having that connection before I needed an ally, gave me someone to ask when I did.


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