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Personalized Experiences

July 2020


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Spotify Design Team

Every month we choose 3 Spotify designers to find out what’s top of mind for them right now. They get 3 sentences to share their thoughts ranging from goings-on in design and tech, perspective on user experience challenges, and our new post-COVID reality.

How does designing for a “personalized” experience affect how you approach your work?

Emily Balbarin

Senior Product Designer

When working with complex technology, I start with a simple rules-based approach. Something along the lines of “people who do X should get Y.” This allows you to explore and test assumptions that eventually feed into an algorithm or model.

Rachel Knoll

Senior Product Designer

I have learned that creating a believable experience is key to testing personalized products. Qualitative research requires extra prep and care. This means taking a custom approach to the designs for each user research participant.

Mat Budelman (he/him)

Senior Product Designer

The bulk of my work questions how to deliver music in a personalized way, how to evolve with the user, and how to delight regardless of personal taste. I constantly weigh the trade-offs between automation and control. My goal is to make Spotify feel like magic while maintaining a user's sense of control.


Spotify Design Team

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