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September 2020


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Spotify Design Team

Every month we check in with 3 of our people and get them to dish on the topics they care about right now. There's just one rule: Respond in 3(-ish) sentences or less. This time, we’re talking to Product Designers about what they’ve learned this year.

What have you learned recently? Tell us how this new skill changed your approach to work.

Alexandria Goree

Product Designer

I recently discovered the benefits of writing as a design tool to help me understand and explain my own ideas. I keep a design journal for my projects where I write everything down using only words and as if there are no accompanying visuals. Writing has helped me with idea exploration, organizing my brain to uncover thought processes, and more clearly communicating design decisions.

Janey Lee

Product Designer

One quarantine hobby I picked up is learning Spanish. I recently set my phone’s language to Spanish to practice, and it was a great reminder that people are using Spotify with many different language and accessibility settings enabled. It’s important to keep these in mind when designing for an incredibly diverse user base!

Bertrand Rouault

Product Designer

Recently, we started pairing up designers to work together remotely, so I’ve had the chance to do a few real-time sketching sessions on the iPad (Jamboard and Procreate) with my peer Designer and UX Writer. Using a core design craft like sketching has really helped to nitro boost design-thinking and decision-making. Coming from a more ‘visual’ background, this has also helped improve my strategic thinking skills and my confidence with the early-stage design process.


Spotify Design Team

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