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Wrapped Surprises

December 2021


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Spotify Design Team

Every year, Spotify is inspired by the all wonderful ways you listen, and how creators soundtrack our lives. As Spotify Wrapped rolled out around the world, we were curious to learn what designers found most surprising about their Wrapped experience.

What was the most surprising thing about your Spotify Wrapped?

Rosie Maharjan (they/them)

Product Designer

I worked on Wrapped throughout the year, so I thought I’d know what my listening data was going to look like since July. That is until a certain artist re-released one of my favorite albums of hers. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised now that I’m beating all my friends as top stan in all my Blend Wrapped stories by about 2,000 minutes.

Belen Tenorio

Senior Product Designer

Perhaps not so surprising in retrospect, I was in the top 0.5% of listeners for a composer that I love this year. One of his songs was my #1 ritual song when I needed to laser focus and create or design something this year. Its dark, mysterious start juxtaposed with fun and hopeful twists and its slow tempo with huge expression, really helped me dive into my flow state and expresses my creative process really well.

Laura Lejano

Associate Principal Product Designer

The most surprising thing about my 2021 Wrapped is how accurate My Audio Aura Top Music Moods were to our day-to-day life. “Silly” explains my 3 kids who are often dancing around behind me listening to music from their favorite games and social media pop. And “bold” for their bad*ss mom who’s listening to female trap artists and southern hip hop when head’s down designing.


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