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Healthy Boundaries

August 2022


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Spotify Design Team

As a designer, setting boundaries at work can give you space to let creativity flow. But it's not always easy to do. From saying yes to less to scheduling moments of self-reflection, three Spotifiers tell us how they set boundaries and find balance.

How do you prioritize your workload in order to maintain healthy boundaries?

Lena Hammes (she/her)

Senior Design Manager

Boundaries are key to individual creativity so instead of seeing them as a weakness, I embrace them as my creativity guide. I check in with them: Is there still space for serendipity or just space to operate? Is there still space to be playful or just space to be pragmatic? Is there still space for true connection with my team or just space to work off the agenda? The result is often to do less — but with more impact and growth as a reward.

Jack Fulton (he/him)

Product Designer II

To create and maintain healthy workload boundaries, I try to mentally check in with myself throughout my projects: Is my output across my work up to my usual standards? Am I beginning to feel burnt out? Am I starting to feel restless with inactivity? This kind of self-reflection helps me to plan my work accurately, scope my achievements, and communicate my capabilities.

Shannon Rosenberg (she/her)

Senior UX Writer

UX writers tend to be a scarce resource, so we have to set boundaries early and unfortunately, say no often. I have the most impact and can be the most creative when I get to delve deeper into an audience and user problem, so I try to take on less small-scope consulting work and focus on a couple of larger projects a quarter — that way I’m not constantly context switching and onboarding. I also prioritize head-down time, decline meetings when I need to, and make sure I create space to jam on deliverables with stakeholders.


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