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Designing for Businesses

September 2022


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Spotify Design Team

Crafting smooth B2B experiences is a key goal for this month’s crop of 3x3 contributors, who share what they keep top of mind when making design choices. In signature style, the trio of Spotifers have only three sentences in which to condense their wisdom.

What considerations do you need to make when designing for B2B?

Zach Adams

Senior UX Writer

I’m very conscious that my content and design choices impact how efficiently someone completes their tasks when at work. I am wasting someone’s time (and time is money 💸) if I use words that are hard to understand or if I hide important info behind a click. I aspire to add simplicity to technical products, and in doing so, hopefully build more trust between human and machine.

Amel Afzal

Product Design Manager

Get to know your user and provide valuable content. There’s a misconception that B2B transactions are not emotional when in reality they are even more emotional than B2C because customers have to make a decision that impacts an entire team. Keeping that in mind, the order of operations should always be: people first, then business.

Candice Roe

Senior UX Writer

The most critical aspect of my B2B design process is mapping out what information is crucial and where it’s most expected. While this is important in any user flow, it’s essential in B2B experiences because of the sheer magnitude of complex information, which must be distilled, to complete core tasks that keep organizations running and efficient. Once the information architecture and content strategy pieces are complete, I focus on selecting which bite-sized pieces of information show automatically in the UI and which show a few clicks deeper when more context is sought out.


Spotify Design Team

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